Why The Gyrotonic Expansion System Works for Everyone

Whether the gym is your second home or you just started lacing up those sneakers, you may have come across a workout method called the Gyrotonic Expansion System. You also may have no idea what that might entail, and we can almost guarantee you’re not alone. As far as workout and fitness systems go, Gyrotonics is fairly new to the scene, but it’s quickly gaining in popularity all around the globe.

In any case, the Gyrotonic System is actually comprised of two independent exercise methods that work together for one of the most intuitive body movement exercises ever created. The Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods were created by Juliu Horvath, a professional dancer from Romania. He created the methods as a way to help his body recover from severe injury and return the strength and agility his body needed to continue dancing. Many people who come to our Raritan Valley Gyrotonic studio to try Gyrotonics and Gyrokinesis also begin the program for recovery reasons, or as a way to ease in to regular exercise or even as a “light” day in between intensive routines.


About the Gyrotonic Method

The primary goal of the Gyrotonic Method is to both strengthen and lengthen muscles. In essence, this means that your body will simultaneously become more flexible and agile while increasing its strength. The exercise uses a series of circular and spiraling motions to create a rhythmic pattern and easily transition from one exercise to the next.

The Gyrotonic Method uses equipment that almost looks like a Pilates machine, but ours was specially designed by Horvath to match the natural movement of the human body while slightly expanding the user’s personal movements over a comfortable period of time. Because of that, the equipment can be customized to each person’s body type, accounting for details like arm reach and leg length.


About the Gyrokinesis Method

Where Gyrotonics work to build strength and agility, Gyrokinesis is the portion of the system that focuses on breathing techniques and building the nervous system. As such, it doesn’t require the use of highly specialized equipment, and participants really only need a small chair. Often, the Gyrokinesis Method is compared to yoga and Tai Chi in that it is primarily done through highly controlled movements and maintained breathing. Gyrokinesis classes, which are usually taught in a group by a single instructor, promote mindfulness and calmness through light cardio and balance training.


The Gyrotonic Expansion System is for Everyone

Because of the adaptability of every part of the Gyrotonic Expansion System, it can be done by anyone no matter their fitness level or if they’re recovering from injuries. It is actually in those situations – where the participant needs to work on his or her flexibility and regain strength after bodily trauma – that this system really provides benefits. Professional athletes and people new to working out alike can and both see great strides, and physical and mental improvements when making Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonics a part of their lives.


If you’re ready to take control of your fitness and health like never before, sign up for a Gyrotonic session or Gyrokinesis class now (we offer new-client discounts!). If you’re in New Jersey and want to find out what the exercises are all about or you have any questions, call RV Gyrotonic at (908) 288-7551 or visit the studio.