Why Gyrotonics & Gyrokinesis is a Great Alternative to Yoga

Though yoga has been a particularly popular fitness trend over the last decade, many of its practitioners realize that it has a number of shortcomings. Some simply accept them and just go to yoga classes without doing much else, which often leads to an incomplete fitness program.

However, as the popularity of the Gyrotonic Expansion System grows, people are finding that both Gyrotonics and Gyrokinesis are not only an excellent way to get the relaxation and flexibility that yoga offers, but also improved strength from head to toe.

If you’ve yet to experience Gyrotonics or see the fitness method in action, check out the video below for a quick introductory demonstration of the machine and movements. If you’re sold on the benefits and want to get started, with a Gyrotonic session or Gyrokinesis class contact Shirely Wallitsch at Raritan Valley Gyrotonic today.

The studio also offers Gyrotonich teacher training for NYC and New Jersey residents, click here for more info.