Raritan Valley Gyrotonic Westfield Open house Oct 14, 12-4PM and Art Walk Westfield

Open House at Raritan Valley Gyrotonic 100 Elmer Street Westfield NJ Sunday October 14, 12-4pm.  Art and refreshments. Free demos equipment
Join us in our celebration of Movement and Art!

People still do not know what  GYROTONIC® is and words really can not describe this movement method. You really need to experience it in your own body. This  exercise movement method is truly for all ages and  all walks of life. From athletes to senior citizens. It is a intelligent exercise method that works the entire body. Gyrotonic exercises resemble a combination of swimming, Tai Chi, dance and yoga.

Gyrotonic movement increases strength and range of motion  using  specific sequences of repetitive, undulating,  and spiraling and circular motion. The gyrotonic methods involves diversity of movement using a variety of planes and relationships with gravity. Every movement is full body movements.

Gyrotonic sessions use specialized equipment and Gyrokinesis classes are done on stools, mat and standing without the use of equipment.

Some of the benfits

GYROTONIC®and GYROKINESIS®movement methods are a holist approach to fitness, takes you beyond the conventional linear exercise methods, into a spherical awareness. Begin the journey to increase the functional capacity of the spine, and obtain extraordinary flexibility and essential strength, rejuvenation, and increased vitality and vigor. Everyone welcome and a big shout out to the baby boomers this method is for you to turn back time.
More info about the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® please contact Shirley Wallitsch Owner/ director of Raritan Valley Gyrotonic-Westfield 100 Elmer Street Westfield NJ 07090

908 288 7551