Private GYROTONIC® Sessions

Personal GYROTONIC® Sessions are customized to meet your personal goals. Because the GYROTONIC® method is progressive, we can start where you are, regardless of your fitness level.

Personal Gyrotonic Sessions and Gyrotonic training and may include the use of specialized Gyrotonic equipment giving you the opportunity to explore all of the specialized Gyrotonic equipment — Archway, Jumping-Stretch board, Leg extension unit and GYROTONER®.

Gyrotonic equipment has been developed around the human body with emphasis on total and complete freedom of movement. All of the equipment was designed to enhance the process of building coordination, strength, and flexibility. Gyrotonic exercises offer the same healthy resistance provided by water, but unlike exercises that are performed under water, where it is difficult to regulate an exact movement pattern and correct position, exercises performed on Gyrotonic equipment are done with maximum adjustability to the range of motion and control of positioning.

By Appointments

Contact studio to schedule a Private session, or duet class with a partner, or join a Gyrokinesis class.

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