Newbie? No Problem! Consider This Your Gyrotonics 101.

Comprised of both the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercise methods, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® (sometimes just referred to as Gyrotonics) is earning a favorable spot as one of the most effective workout routines the world over. The equipment required is specialized to offer resistance to movement while giving support for the body and many people find this effective workout method to be a cost effective option (instead of a traditional gym membership) and a good fit for a generally healthy lifestyle.

As far as Gyrotonics from NYC to New Jersey are concerned, Raritan Valley Gyrotonic provides a state-of-the-art facility with exceptional trainers who teach classes for multiple experience levels along with introductory pre-training courses. And, as the Gyrotronic method is progressive in nature, personal training is available for those who feel they need more focused instruction or a specialized increase in intensity.

Although it started out being referred to as “Yoga for dancers,” Gyrotonics has proven an excellent source for mobility, flexibility and strength building for many different athletic groups as well as for those simply looking to introduce a fun new fitness routine into their lives. Its applicability for sports players, gymnasts, and physical training continue to grow, and that is very likely due to the four primary principles behind Gyrotonic exercises: intention, stabilization through contrast, decompression of the joints, and coordination of movement and breath.


The idea that individuals will achieve goals by using their bodies in a way that specifically works towards those goals is where the Intention principle comes from. This gives focus and meaning to each action taught and practiced, and helps give thoughtfulness to all the exercises in the program.


The principle of stabilization through contrast has to do with eliminating the need for holding on to a steady object to keep oneself standing during activities. It also involves using the body’s natural expansion and retraction movements. The motions are intended to be fluid in nature and give those who practice Gyrotonics an enhanced bodily stability.


The decompression of the joints principle is the primary part of Gyrotonics as it adds a significant amount of flexibility to the lives of those who practice the method. The decompression occurs through the aforementioned expansion and retraction movements paired with various curvilinear (rounded) motions.


The final principle — coordination of movement and breath — is about control and places value behind breathing patterns that should be applied to each and every Gyrotonic movement. This helps individuals better expand, contract and flex their bodies while in a state of motion.

If you’re looking for a true body evolution and you’re in or around the NYC area, your search should begin with Raritan Valley Gyrotonic. The staff is ready to accommodate you and help you progress further into your future of healthier living no matter where you might currently be fitness-wise. With private sessions and group classes available on various schedules, there’s a chance for everyone to get their bodies moving, feeling and looking better than ever before.

If you’d like to really see what Gyrotonics is all about, check out the video below or give RV Gyrotonics a call.