Gyrotonics & Gyrokinesis Offer Endless Health Benefits

If you read any fitness magazine or follow any health blog, you may know that Gyrotonics and Gyrokinesis have been trending in the fitness world for quite some time now. Those who are just beginning their fitness journey, or who prefer traditional exercise methods like hitting the pavement for a run or lifting at the gym, might still not quite know all the benefits of incorporating the Gyrotonic Expansion System into their weekly workout routine.

This exercise routine, which focuses on breathing and body movement, actually benefits all athletic levels. Beginners find the Raritan Valley Gyrotonic studio in Fanwood, New Jersey to be welcoming, friendly and a great place to learn the basics without being judged or self-conscious. People with a little more athletic experience – from yogis, to ballerinas, to marathon runners even – find both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercises are the perfect supplement to more difficult and strenuous activities.

LA Yoga actually did a great story on how Gyrokinesis helped ballet dancer Rosemary Mestler. Mestler studied at places like the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center in New York, the Boston Ballet and the USC Summer Dance Conservatory, and when she began doing Gyrokinesis more than a decade ago, she really felt her body transform. She says, “My joints felt more stable, my extensions came with more ease (as a result of improvements in range of motion), and my balance was much better.”

The thing with the Gyrotonic Expansion System is that the more you practice, the more benefits you’ll receive and the more you’ll see your body transformed. Both exercises are designed to reduce stress, lengthen muscles, improve agility and increase flexibility. The system doesn’t necessarily focus on besting yourself (or those around you) or pushing yourself to exhaustion to beat a personal record. Instead, the focus is more philosophical, it’s about getting in touch with your body and its strength. In taking the pressure off “working out,” our clients find that they feel more connected to their body and see a difference in strength and flexibility during everyday activities.

Gyrotonics and Gyrokinesis are also helpful for people with injuries or who experience chronic pain. The gentle, purposeful movements decompresses the joints and spine and sort of massages the muscles, which usually leads to pain relief in our clients.

Many clients, whether it’s their first class or they’re an avid follower, tend to leave a session with better posture and feeling more relaxed, stronger and even taller! Hour-long sessions can be scheduled privately (as most Gyrotonic classes are conducted), or in a group or duo setting (which is how Gyrokinesis classes are ran).

In order to start reaping the benefits of these workouts, you have to sign up for a class! We even make it easier by offering new-member discounts, plus group, duo and private classes so that you feel comfortable learning the basics at your own pace. If you want to learn more or take the first step in joining a class, give Raritan Valley Gyrotonics a call at (908) 288-7551, send us a message or stop by the studio today.