Gyrokinesis Method here at Raritan Valley Gyrotonic, NJ

GYROKINESIS® was developed by Juliu Horvath. The motion concept includes the most important elements of yoga, dance and tai chi.
GYROKINESIS® systematically and gently trains joints and muscles by rhythmic wavelike movements. The spine is considered the central supporting element which gains new flexibility by harmonic wavelike, spiral and circular movements. The corresponding breathing patterns stimulate the nervous system and open up the body meridiens thus releasing waste products and toxic substances that can be taken away by the oxygen-enhanced bloodstream.
The flowing movement prevents static held-up positions and thereby superfluous body waste deposit and tensions.
The method stimulates energy in a natural way and helps to overcome listlessness and lethargy. The training is done in groups standing up as well as lying down. The complete training program is done without any training machines so the acquired exercises can be partially repeated at home or at work to relax the body from one-sided working positions.
People of all ages and different lifestyles benefit by this method, from therapy to high performance training for competitive athletes.

Gyrokinesis once called yoga for dancers
and more akin to yoga – Gyrokinesis is the foundation of the system and focuses on a specialized breathing technique on top of controlling the body’s movements to increase flexibility, balance and strength.  It utilizes the body in a way that not only builds strength and flexibility, but also invigorate your organs and shape your muscles through its rhythmic movements.

If you’d like more information on the Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis exercises, check out the video below or visit or contact Raritan Valley Gyrotonic online. And if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of the Gyrotonic Expansion System, check out RV Gyrotonic’s teacher trainings available in NYC and NJ, which will help you on your journey to a healthier, more-connected body.