5 Reasons Gyrotonics is Better than Your Current Fitness Routine

As far as fitness and health programs are concerned, the general rule of thumb is that the more effective the workout, the more difficult the program will be to begin. Oftentimes, people who are new to working out will try one of these difficult regimens in an attempt to achieve impressive results as fast as possible and then end up giving up on the routine because of its difficulty – sometimes even swearing off fitness altogether.

Conversely, the Gyrotonic expansion system provides an excellent workout that delivers results and is entirely accessible by anyone. Furthermore, a regular fitness routine that includes Gyrotonics and Gyrokinesis offers a number of health benefits that go far beyond a toned body. Because of all this, the Gyrotonic expansion system is right for anyone – exercise newcomer or seasoned athlete alike – looking to take their fitness up a level. The following are reasons why the mind-body workout method is so beneficial for everyone:

  1. Increase Core Strength

Other than crunches or sit ups, most people don’t pay enough attention to the body’s core. This is particularly problematic since having a fit core helps achieve physical gains for the rest of the body as well. Most of the sets offered in Gyrotonics activate and strengthen the core, which ends up building confidence in practitioners.

  1. Promotes Incredible Flexibility

People who are just starting out with the Gyrotonic expansion system often remark that they didn’t realize just how inflexible they are. This is doubly true for those who have a history of fitness under their belts as running and weight lifting, while great for their individual goals, end up tightening any joints that don’t get shown attention. Gyrotonics will get your entire body moving and reaching levels of flexibility you never thought would be possible.

  1. Alignment Awareness

Along with being able to stretch and move your body better, the Gyrotonic system will enhance the way your bones work with each other. With this workout method, you will become more aware of the way that your skeletal system is aligned and make correcting posture or movement deficiencies an effortless task.

  1. Reduces Risk of Injury and Joint Pain

By building both your flexibility and strength, Gyrotonics gives your body the capacity to participate in activities that you may have previously been afraid to do because of fear of injury or pain aggravation. Because of this great benefit, this body evolution system is often prescribed as an effective form of physical therapy. (If you’re a physical therapist or fitness instructor, you can also contact us for Gyrotonic teacher training in NYC and New Jersey.)

  1. Surprisingly Relaxing

One of the most beneficial traits that comes with doing Gyrotonics is that it relaxes people as they complete the workout session. The Gyrotonic exercise program has its sets fluidly move from one into another in a rhythmic and circular pattern, which makes for an incredibly relaxing experience.

To get started with Gyrotonics sessions or to receive Gyrotonics teacher training in the NYC or NJ area, contact Shirley Wallitsch at Raritan Valley Gyrotonic today and start receiving these major health and fitness benefits.