About choosing the name Raritan Valley GYROTONIC®now located in Westfield New Jersey

About choosing the name Raritan Valley GYROTONIC®

Raritan Valley Gyrotonic -We specialize exclusively in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. Offering private, semi privates (duets) sessions, small group Gyrokinesis classes and Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis teacher trainings.

“Alternatively, Raritan is a Dutch pronunciation of wawitan or rarachons, meaning, “forked river” or “stream overflows”

Why did I choose Raritan Valley as my Gyrotonic licensed name?
It actually required some time and research. I needed to choose a name that reveals a location. As I am located in New Jersey and with so many small towns here I did not want to limit myself to one town in the event I move location of my Studio. And I wanted a natural geographical connection.
In my research I discovered that the Raritan Valley is a very large northeastern part of New Jersey that reaches all the way to the New York Bay.
The Raritan River is about 75 miles long formed by the confluence of two tributaries in north-central New Jersey and flowing eastward to Raritan Bay, the western arm of Lower New York Bay, at Perth Amboy.
So the Raritan River became my geographical connection here in New Jersey.
Beyond this Raritan was the name given by Europeans in the seventeenth century who colonized the region around what is now called the Raritan River and its bay, to the Native American bands of Lenape people then living in what now northeastern New Jersey and Staten Island, New York Island.
Raritan is generally believed that the name comes from one of the Lenape languages (among the languages in the Algonquian language group), though there are a variety of interpretations as to its meaning. It may be a derivation of Naraticong [1] meaning “river beyond the island”, or Roaton or Raritanghe, names of a group which had come from across the Hudson and displaced the previous population known as Sanhican. (who moved to farther into the interior). Alternatively, Raritan is a Dutch pronunciation of wawitan or rarachons, meaning, “forked river” or “stream overflows”.
Along with a rich geographical and historical meaning the name Raritan Valley also moves us to the present with NJT Raritan Valley line that connects New Jersey to New York City.
Raritan Valley GYROTONIC® now located in  Westfield New Jersey. 100 Elmer Street Westfield NJ 07090 located 3 blocks from the NJT the Raritan Valley Line 1 hr from Penn Station NY.

https://www.rvgyrotonic.com 908 288 7551
We are the only Gyrotonic studio in New Jersey that is licensed to use the Gyrotonic logo in our name.
And the only GYROTONIC® studio in NJ that is equipped with all of the specialized Gyrotonic Equipment made in Germany and designed by Juliu Horvath the creator of the Gyrotonic method. The Gyrotonic equipment includes two Ultima combination Pulley Towers,Archway, Jumping Stretch-Board, Leg Extension Unit and the GYROTONER®
We specialize exclusively in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® offering private, semi privates (duets) sessions, small group Gyrokinesis classes and Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis trainings and teacher trainings.

Our mission is being an authentic representative of Gyrotonic in our community and establishing a reputation as an authentic and high-end quality Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis facility. Offering Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis sessions taught based on the authentic curriculum.
We invite to contact us and schedule a private session and discover for your self this amazing and unique movement method.

Some of the Benefits of GYROTONIC®and GYROKINESIS®
Increased functional capacity of the spine, better coordination, overall increased strength, flexibility and Increased mobility of the joints and the use of the fullest capacity in all directions and Improves circulation with an excellent cardio benefits.

Start your Journey with our New client special 3 Private sessions $195 Strongly Suggested, or sign up for a Gyrokinesis class all are welcome!
For more Information contact Shirley Wallitsch Owner and certified Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis Teacher.
email 908 288 7551

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