Personal GYROTONIC® Training

If you are new to the Gyrotonic method,or have a desire to deepen your practice. Include some private Gyrotonic sessions, not only do private sessions focus on your individual goals but gives you the opportunity to explore all of the specialized Gyrotonic equipment.
The Pulley Tower unite is the primary piece of equipment used to learn the Gyrotonic principles, along with GYROKINESIS® exercises.

The other specialized Gyrotonic equipment
Archway – Strengthen the entire body using gravity, Improve connections between entire abdominal cavity and the rest of the body.
The leg Extension Unit- knee rehabilitation, increase coordination between lower body and upper body, strengthen ankle joints.
The GYROTONER- Increase thoracic spine mobility, 360-degree articulation of all upper body joints, open and strengthen hip joints.
The Jumping-Stretching Board- Improve jumping ability using ergonomically superior design, Stretch and strengthen the lower body, Improve strength and balance in multiple standing positions.

The combination of group Gyrotonic Pulley tower and Gyrokinesis classes mixed with private sessions and your individual practice is ideal. Not only can this combination create real changes in the entire body, but it is really fun to experience the full spectrum of this method and discover in it yourself and to go beyond what ever limitations you may have and experience an openness that renews our mind, body and spirit!
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Private session on Archway

Private session on Archway

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